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Northside's Custom Publishing Culture Network is a grouping of program guides for the most innovative cultural institutions in New York City.

BAMbill is a program guide distributed to the hands of all attendees of theater, dance and music performances at the Brooklyn Academy of Music and its three performing arts venues: The Howard Gilman Opera House, the Harvey Theater and the brand new Richard B. Fischer building. BAMbill provides a detailed description of all performances and upcoming events at BAM, as well as relevant culture and food news written by the Brooklyn-savvy editors at Brooklyn Magazine. BAM is Brooklyn’s flagship performing arts venue, consistently attracting a young, educated and affluent demographic.

The Joyce Theater was created by dancers for dance. Today, The Joyce is considered one of the premier performance venues for dance. The Joyce program guide highlights a unique performance by dance companies from all over the globe, and is distributed to an annual audience of over 140,000.

Playwright's Horizons is committed to engaging and developing audiences to sustain the future of American theater. Each program guide is a unique profile of an emerging playwright and their work, bringing the adventurous creations of the writers of tomorrow to over 60,000 audience members each year.